Committee Descriptions

Committee Sub-Committee Description
Book Fair   The Book Fair gives students a convenient opportunity to purchase books at a reasonable price during and after school. Events are held in both the fall and spring and may also include special sales during the year. The chairperson for this committee: arranges dates with the book company; attends vendor training; publicizes dates; coordinates drop-off, set-up, and tear-down; coordinates parent volunteers to set-up and to work shifts during book fair hours (collecting money, helping students select books, restocking book shelves, etc.).
Carnival The carnival is a family fun event held in the spring. This event is designed to encourage families to spend quality time together and with other members of the school community. The chairperson and committee are responsible for: arranging entertainment, games, prizes and food; publicizing and managing logistics for event; and organizing volunteers and donations.
DARE Reception D.A.R.E. is a police officer-led series of classroom lessons that teaches children how to resist peer pressure and live productive drug- and violence-free lives. Sunflower students graduate from the program in 6th grade. A reception is held each year. The D.A.R.E. Reception coordinator: plans the D.A.R.E. graduation reception with the help of the D.A.R.E. officer and/or the Principal; coordinates refreshments and helps with distributing D.A.R.E. t-shirts and awards.
Party Kits PTA provides each classroom with two (2) party kits per school year - one Halloween and one Valentine themed kit. This chairperson and committee: work with teachers to identify kit contents, obtain all necessary materials, assemble and distribute kits.
6th Grade Celebration The Sixth-Grade Celebration is a May ceremony and reception for sixth-grade students, their parents and family members, and the sixth-grade staff. The chairperson and committee: coordinate with Principal to determine the date and time; coordinate invitations, RSVPs, and special reminiscences; plan and coordinate refreshments; decorate as needed.
Trunk-R-Treat Trunk-R-Treat is a Halloween event where Sunflower families decorate their vehicle trunks in a school-approved Halloween theme and provide treats to costumed visitors in the safety of the school parking lot. The chairperson and committee: solicit volunteers to provide trunks; map out where each family is to park; oversee parking on the night of the event; ensure the safety of children during the event.
Clothing Center   The SMAC PTA Clothing Center exists to help supplement the clothing needs of people who live within the boundaries of the Shawnee Mission School District. The center is operated entirely by PTA volunteers. Each SM elementary school is asked to provide volunteers to staff the center on one Monday per school year. This chairperson: coordinates volunteers to work on Sunflower's designated day, works with executive board to raise awareness of center and donation drives.
Cultural Arts   PTA supports the cultural arts by bringing visual and performing art opportunities into the school. This may include international dancers, musicians and performers that represent different genres and cultures, or visual and performing artists that utilize storytelling, puppetry, art and drama to create an experience that will expand a child’s horizons and view of the world. This committee also works to bring programs that encourage positive student character development. Planning and scheduling takes place each spring and programs are held throughout the school year. The chairperson: leads a committee in reviewing and selecting the year’s Cultural Arts programs based on the established PTA budget; determines a schedule; books programs; arranges payment, coordinates set-up, welcomes performers, and monitors performances; and maintains teacher evaluation forms.
Cultural Arts Night This family fun event offers opportunities for parents and students to explore a variety of cultural experiences together. Led by the cultural arts chair, this committee is responsible for: arranging activities and entertainment including food if applicable; publicizing the event; organizing volunteers and donations; and managing event logistics.
Music Receptions This coordinator works with the music, band, and strings teachers to provide receptions after evening school concerts held from late fall through the spring.
Reflections The PTA Reflections program offers students the opportunity to create works of art for fun and recognition each spring. Students in preschool through grade 12 are encouraged to submit works of art in six areas: dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography, and visual arts. The Reflections coordinator is responsible for: promoting and organizing Sunflower’s entries; ensuring that National PTA contest rules are distributed and followed; setting the timetable to meet the deadline for the next level of judging; coordinating judging; and conveying results.
Anti-bullying Creating a safe, positive learning environment for all students is a key PTA goal. The anti-bullying committee: works closely with school staff and administration to identify and establish a school wide anti-bullying program that provides a consistent message and set of strategies for students, teachers, parents and community leaders; coordinate volunteers, events and resources as needed.
Safety Night This activity night held in the fall is designed to provide families an opportunity to socialize with other Sunflower families and spend quality time learning together. The Safety Night chairperson: leads a team in planning and coordinating safety themed educational activities to promote family learning; schedules volunteers, space and resources as needed.
Science Night This activity night held in the fall is designed to provide families an opportunity to socialize with other Sunflower families and spend quality time learning together. The Science Night chairperson: leads a team in planning and coordinating science themed educational activities to promote family learning; schedules volunteers, space and resources as needed.
Spelling Bee The Spelling Bee's purpose is to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts, and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives. This winter event is held to identify the Sunflower students that will qualify to represent our school at the next level of competition. The chairperson: completes school registration; coordinates with teachers to identify participants; arranges all aspects of competition; ensures compliance with national and local rules; awards winners and assists students in registering for district competition.
Helping Hands   This program offers teachers a flexible opportunity to use parent volunteers to help with classroom tasks such as extra copying, cutting, assembling projects, etc. The coordinator is responsible for: coordinating volunteers to fill a weekly work schedule; monitoring program to ensure teacher needs are being met.
Health & Wellness   The Health and Wellness committee works throughout the year to bring information and hands-on learning opportunities into our school that assist students, families and staff in adopting healthy habits. The chairperson and committee are responsible for the development and implementation of health related policies and programs.
Field Days Led by the Health and Wellness chairperson, this committee: assists the PE teacher with the spring event; coordinates volunteers; and provides refreshments.
Get Movin' Night This activity night held in the winter is designed to provide families an opportunity to exercise and learn about healthy eating and activities. The Health and Wellness chairperson and this committee: leads a team in planning and coordinating exercise and nutrition themed educational activities to promote family learning; schedules volunteers, space and resources as needed.
Legislative   PTA has long been a strong voice for children and families in education, juvenile justice, and child health. Serving as the largest volunteer child advocacy association the United States, PTA has advocated for universal kindergarten, child nutrition, parent involvement in education, and equity and opportunity for all children despite socioeconomic or ethnic background. This chairperson: follows legislation relative to education year-round and gives summary reports of significant activity to the PTA membership; coordinates voter education efforts for PTA members; may advance legislative issues relating to education to public officials on behalf of the PTA membership.
Facebook Moderator The Facebook moderator works with the PTA President to communicate information via the PTA Facebook page. Responsibilities include: making regular posts on Facebook page; monitoring page activity; removing inappropriate/unrelated content; account maintenance as required.
Print Marketing The Print Marketing coordinator works with the executive board and committee chairs to develop print materials that promote PTA programs and events. This may include flyers, brochures, posters, etc. The coordinator also works to establish and use a consistent image across all materials.
Webmaster The Webmaster works throughout the year to build and maintain the Sunflower PTA website at, updating information as needed.
Nominating   The nominating committee chairperson is an active PTA member who leads the committee in developing a slate of potential candidates for the elected PTA executive board and presents it for approval in accordance with the bylaws at the April general meeting.
Outdoor Sign   This coordinator is responsible for promoting all major school-calendar-related activities on the outdoor marquis.
Preschool Pals   This program offers a variety of fun activities that allow preschool-aged children – future Sunflower Cyclones – to become acquainted with the teachers, administrators, and the school itself. The coordinator arranges the activities and snacks and facilitates 2 to 4 sessions per year.
Kindergarten Round-up Kindergarten Round-up is an informational meeting for parents of incoming Kindergarten students. The event is usually held in late winter/early spring. This coordinator works closely with the principal and office staff in preparing materials, obtaining supplies and coordinating volunteers as needed.
Product Labels   Our school benefits from supporters collecting labels from qualifying products they use every day. These labels can be redeemed for cash and supplies. Our programs currently include Box Top$, Campbell’s Soup Labels, Tyson’s Project A+ labels and Best Choice UPC codes. Collection contests take place twice a year.
Promotion The Promotion coordinator: encourages parents and children to collect labels, bring them to school, and deposit them in the provided receptacle; and plans and carries out fall and spring school-wide incentive programs.
Redemption The Redemption coordinator: registers the school to participate in programs for the upcoming school year; prepares pieces to be mailed for redemption; and coordinates redemption activities as needed
Senior Reception   Each spring a reception is held for graduating high school seniors who once attended Sunflower or Bonjour Elementary. The coordinator: contacts the Shawnee Mission high schools to locate and invite former students; sends invitations to current and former teachers who were on staff when the graduating class was in elementary school; reserves the Sunflower library; solicits refreshment donations; and coordinates volunteers for setup, serving, and clean-up
Staff Appreciation   The Staff Appreciation Committee provides support and encouragement for staff throughout the school year with monthly or bi-monthly recognition. The chairperson is responsible for: selecting and scheduling appreciation activities; coordinating volunteers and donations as needed
Teacher Appreciation   Since 1984, National PTA has designated the first full week in May as Teacher Appreciation Week, a special time to honor the men and women who lend their passion and skills to educating our children. This chairperson: develops and coordinates a school-wide plan for Teacher Appreciation Week activities; provides direction and support to parent volunteers in each classroom in carrying out appreciation activities
Walk-A-Thon   This walking/running event for students and their families provides an opportunity to be physically active together while raising funds for PTA programs. Held in the fall, this is the PTA’s ONLY fundraiser. The committee is led by the Vice President of Ways and Means. Responsibilities include: develop and distribute promotional materials; solicit corporate sponsorships and coordinate student incentives; plan and coordinate event day activities.
Watch D.O.G.S.   WATCH D.O.G.S. is a national program that involves fathers and father figures as positive and active role models at the school. The chair of this committee will: recruit and schedule fathers and other father figures to volunteer for at least one day each school year; maintain the master calendar of volunteers; serve as the point person for any WATCH D.O.G.S. related questions or needs; organize program promotion events.
Welcoming   PTA welcomes all families to the Sunflower Community. This committee strives to connect with new families that arrive throughout the year. The chairperson and committee: coordinate the New Family Welcome event; and keep in contact with the school office staff to assure that every new family arriving throughout the school year is greeted and given welcoming gifts/information.
New Family Welcome A New Family Welcome event is held each August and provides an opportunity for families to learn more about Sunflower, the PTA and the many activities and events that take place. The chairperson and committee: invite new families and key school representatives; schedule a sequence of events; arrange for food and welcoming gifts/information for each family.
Yearbook   PTA produces an annual yearbook documenting the activities and achievements of Sunflower students. The yearbook is available for purchase during the first half of the school year and is delivered to students during the last week of classes.
Administration The Yearbook administration chairperson: schedules volunteers to help on school picture days; distributes flyers (which the yearbook company provides) prior to picture day; collects picture money and tracks yearbook payments.
Photography The Yearbook photography chair: ensures photos are taken at all school events; and coordinates pictures of the various student groups with the yearbook company.
Layout The Yearbook layout chair: proofs, with committee and staff, the student photos to make sure all names are correct; and lays out the 40-to-50 page book using a provided kit to meet two deadlines: the middle 20-25 pages are due in January, and the remaining pages are due to the publisher in early March.